About SolvelyMath

SolvelyMath solvelymath was established 3 years ago and is headquartered in Singapore. It was created by a mother who was looking for a way to help her kids with their math homework.

SolvelyMath aims to inspire people and educate people to enjoy mathematics. It helps you better understand by providing clear examples and summarizing the knowledge points of each question-solving step. Our goal is not only to provide you with the correct answer, but more importantly, to understand the knowledge of each question. Easily learn how to answer each question.

Thank you for all your positive feedback (see "Recommendations" on this page). I'm glad Interactive Math is useful to you.

Our Teams

Yes, we’re a tech company. But more than that, we’re a people company.It’s our job to understand students, and help set them up for success. To place only the most qualified, capable tutors in front of our students. And to combine our passion for knowledge and learning with our relentless pursuit of cutting-edge digital experiences.If you love learning, and you love technology, you’re going to love working here.

Currently, we have a team of several hundred math experts, all from different high schools and universities. With more than 3 years of teaching experience, we can answer mathematical examples of different difficulty levels, summarize knowledge notes, and help students easily understand mathematical concepts through examples and step-by-step solutions.


Calculus teacher - Tutor for 3 years


High School Teacher - Tutor for 3 years


University teacher - Tutor for 3 years


University teacher - Tutor for 2 years