Round 625166.91718 to the nearest hundred.


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Rounding a number to the nearest hundred involves looking at the tens digit and deciding whether to round the number up or down based on that digit.




Step-by-Step Solution:

  1. Identify the Hundreds and Tens Digits: In \(625166.91718\), the hundreds digit is \(1\) (in the \(6251\underline{6}6.91718\) position), and the tens digit is \(6\) (in the \(62516\underline{6}.91718\) position).

  2. Rounding Decision: To round to the nearest hundred, we look at the tens digit (\(6\)). According to rounding rules, if the tens digit is \(5\) or more, you round up. If it's less than \(5\), you round down.

  3. Apply Rounding Rule: Since the tens digit is \(6\), we round up. Rounding \(625166.91718\) up to the nearest hundred means increasing the hundreds digit \(1\) by \(1\) and changing all digits to the right of the hundreds position to zero.

  4. Rounded Number: \(625166.91718\) rounded to the nearest hundred is \(625200\).

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