How many pattern block rhombus(es) would 10 triangles create?


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Text explanation

To find out how many rhombuses can be created with 10 triangles.

$10$ triangles


10 triangles can create 5 rhombuses.

Step by Step Solution

Step 1: In the context of pattern blocks:

  • A rhombus from pattern blocks (often specifically a thin rhombus) can be made up of two equilateral triangles.
  • Each equilateral triangle comprises half of the area of the thin rhombus.

A rhombus from pattern blocks

Step 2:Given:

  • You have 10 triangles.

Step 3:Explanation:

  • Since it takes 2 triangles to create 1 rhombus, you divide the total number of triangles by 2 to find how many rhombuses you can make.
  • Therefore, with 10 triangles, you can create \( \frac{10}{2} = 5 \) rhombuses.
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