6.24159 rounded to the hundredths place?


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Text explanation

To round a number to the hundredths place, you look at the digit in the thousandths place and decide whether to round the digit in the hundredths place up or down. The hundredths place is the second digit to the right of the decimal point.




Step by Step solution

  1. Identify the Hundredths and Thousandths Digits: In $6.24159$, the hundredths digit is $4$ (in the $6.2\underline{4}159$ position), and the thousandths digit is $1$ (in the $6.24\underline{1}59$ position).

  2. Rounding Decision: You round up if the thousandths digit is $5$ or more, and round down (or simply keep the hundredths digit unchanged) if the thousandths digit is less than $5$.

  3. Apply Rounding Rule: Since the thousandths digit is $1$, which is less than $5$, the hundredths digit stays the same.

  4. Therefore, $6.24159$ rounded to the hundredths place is $6.24$.

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