Solvely reviews by students

After scanning a problem, it got right to it and not only got it right, but was able to explain in a way I could understand.
OMG!!! Easiest thing to use when it comes to helping me through the problems as well as explaining how they got the answers and it’s always true!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
This has gotten us out of a lot of long nights of struggles. The step by step instructions are extremely helpful and being able to ask follow up questions is amazing
Math has always been the biggest struggle for me, and Solvi is super helper and sometimes even surprises me with how well it can solve problems.
Nota 1000! Ótimo recurso!
It’s been helping me understand my math course by showing and explaining the steps.
This app saved us from a total meltdown, the original problem from the teacher was written incorrectly. Thank you Solvi
Really accurate answers, and I love the scanning feature. I also like that while your answers are processing you can work on other problems.
I love this app,, yes it might cost a couple of dollars but it’s definitely worth it. They save the problems that you asked it to solve before in the pass. And it shows how to solve the questions and shows all the possible answers or solutions.
This app is actually very helpful to people who struggle with math and their grades! It will give the answer but also explains how you got the answer which will totally help with what type of math your struggling with!